Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Take my picture!

Karis had discovered how much fun it is to have her picture taken. If she does anything she thinks is worthy of note, she asks to have her picture taken so she can see it. This block tower was worthy of note and hence worthy of a photo. The reason is that Joshua is to block towers as an earthquake is to a 200 year old building on the San Andreas Fault. This particular tower she made and it actually stood for a few moments.

Under the weather

This was a first for Joshua - falling asleep on the couch. Last week Joshua battled an ear infection/cold, and he was pretty miserable for a few days. One day in particular, he didn't nap. For an 18 month old, this is tragic! My goal the rest of the afternoon became keep Joshua awake until 7PM. I knew that unless I did, he would be up very late! At 6:30 I couldn't find Joshua and almost missed him curled up on the couch. This sweet little pile was precious to see! He is thankfully feeling much better.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Girls Outing

Recently I was able to take Karis and two of her girlfriends on a girlie outing. It was a fun morning and a treat for me. Jenny watched the two boys (Philip and Joshua) while I took Karis, Madie and Reagan to Barnes and Noble. The girls read stories, played with the train table, drank hot chocolate and then put on a puppet show on the little stage they have in the children's area. Karis talked about this activity for days, and according to Reagan's mom - she had so much fun that she slept until 5 PM during her nap!

Too Tired to Color

Joshua was coloring the other morning and decided that it is hard work for a little guy to color and decided to try it laying down. I was thinking he might actually fall alseep, but he never did.

Supposed to Be in Bed!

The other night Craig and I put the children to bed the same way we always do. I usually put Joshua to bed and Craig typically puts Karis to bed. Karis loves when Craig puts her to bed.
It is special time for them.

Craig and I were downstairs after putting the children to bed when we noticed the sound of water running. Karis is only allowed to come out her room to use the bathroom, so Craig went upstairs to investigate. He called from the top of the stairs, "Laura, I'm going to need your help on this one!" This concerned me because of memories of another time when Karis got into something she wasn't supposed to. When she was two years old, Karis did an art project with the contents of her diaper. This was supposed to be "resting" but was instead creating!
Anyhow, here is a lesson learned: Don't leave this on your bathroom counter

Or you might come upstairs to see your little one look like this!

Karis was very suprised to find that sunscreen doesn't "wash off"! That is what she was trying to do when we came upstairs. It was so funny to see her coated in sunscreen. Her jammies were around her ankles. We gather that after using the potty, she thought she should protect herself from the sun that might burn her during the night!

Oh well. Cleaning up sunscreen is MUCH better than cleaning up poop that was masterfully painted onto the walls, door and dresser!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Two weeks ago Craig and I had a wonderful Saturday with a few friends of ours. Jonathan and Melanie Oldacre were kind enough to invite us to join them for a Saturday away. Fun would be an understatement! We laughed so hard all day long with the Plewniaks, Hancocks, and Oldacres. It was a beautiful day and the Vanderbilts were hospitable as usual.
I have a lot of photos to post as we haven't been able to post for the past two weeks... More to come.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rock City

A few days after Christmas, all three Cooper brothers and their families met in Chattanooga for some welcome holiday celebrations. We spent the evening at Rock City which was a highlight for the children! The beautiful rock formations were lit with beautiful lighting and there were lots of Christmas lights which our children happen to love. We ended the evening with a wild meal at IHOP... I think we have a new tradition!

L-R:Niki, Tyson, Laura, Craig (Joshus is on his back - you can't see him, but he is there!), Jenny and Stuart. Front: Jordan, McCade, Karis, Madie and Philip

This was such a fun night. Craig and I drove back talking about how thankful we are for our family and how much we love them! The next morning Karis begged us to call our Cousins and have them all over to play at our house!