Saturday, July 14, 2007


I am VERY behind in posting photos to our blog. But, I am behind on a lot of things! Travel has come upon us. Anniversary trip, suprise birthday trip, and our beach vacation have been wonderfully exhausting, and we are just getting things back to normal. Or, maybe I should say, we were just getting things back to normal. Right now, our house is in complete disaray. We have having hardwood floors installed as I type. I didn't anticipate how messy this project would be! I will post some photos of the process, and finished result in a few days (hopefully!)

Last month, Karis was the flower girl in a wedding. It was such a sweet weekend. Our good friends Adam and Holly got married, and it was such a tender and joyful wedding. Karis loves them and Holly has babysat for our family for at least 3 years.

I don't have many photos because our camera battery died, but here are a few:

Karis and Griffin walking down the aisle

Holly before the wedding

Karis loved getting her hair done before the wedding. She so wanted to wear make-up too!