Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A few photos

Today, the children and I stayed inside all morning - in our PJ's! It was wonderful. With all of this warm weather we have been having, we have been outside usually right after breakfast, and staying out until lunch time. Then, back out after lunch and rest time only to come in for a bath and dinner. Today, I decided we were going to have a slow and quiet morning inside. It seemed to be enjoyable for the children too. We sat in the playroom and played all morning. It was as if the toys were all new to the children because we have been playing outside so much!

These are a few photos of the children in the playroom. Joshua smiling at Karis.
Karis posing for the camera.

Joshua playing a musical instrument

Karis - posing again! She loves to take pictures and see them. She has been playing with our old digital camera. It is mostly broken, but since she doesn't know how to zoom, it works for her. She spent a lot of the morning taking pictures. We looked at them later in the day and I laughed at what she took pictures of. Anything downstairs that was three feet and under she took a picture of it. What was even more funny to me, was that while we were looking at them together, she gave a running commentary... "The red wall... The brown wall... A crayon... A toy... Another crayon...More crayons..." I love that little girl.

Joshua, I discovered today, is a chatter box. Just like his sister. I have been trying to take away his pacifier except during naps, and the little guy chatters all the time! It is funny to hear recognizable words mixed in with words that aren't recognizable. The best today from him was, "Joshua, time to go night night (for a nap)" And his reply was a very clear, "Nooo, jabber, jabber. No!"

Friday, March 23, 2007

Outdoor Play

The children are loving the warm weather that has arrived! First thing in the morning, Joshua runs to the door to the backyard and says, "side" which means outside! He does this before having breakfast or even a diaper change. The boy loves to be outdoors!

Karis loves it too. She is very interested in gardening and would love it if we could plant flowers every day - without her brother there to mess them up! Money and property prohibit us from doing this daily, but I anticipate that we will have many fun times this summer doing some gardening projects.

Joshua on the trampoline

Karis and Joshua love to swing while they hold hands. They laugh the whole time - especially when they get going at slightly different paces. Since Karis weighs more than him, they naturally go at different speeds after a short time. Joshua, especially thinks this is funny.

Karis on the trampoline

Joshua usually ends up laying down while Karis bounces him around. He gets to laughing so hard that he gets the hiccups!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

30th Birthday Celebration!

Last weekend we celebrated Craig and Stuart's 30th Birthdays. Jenny and I planned a suprise getaway to the mountains. What a fun weekend! Jenny and I planned for weeks to suprise the guys and bless them with a weekend like none other.
We suprised the birthday boys by having a few of their buddies pick them up at their offices mid-day on Friday. They had an afternoon of bacheloor activities including go-carts, cigars, wings and lots and lots of laughter. Craig said that he couldn't remember a time when he laughed so much.
The guys were led blindfolded into our cabin and we had a wonderful evening with them. What a hoot!! Jenny and I made up new lyrics to "Rocky Top" about our husbands. I'm not sure which was more fun, planning all of that, or acting it out for them.
The next morning we trecked down the mountain (in our mini-vans!) to enjoy a pancake breakfast. Later that day another suprise came - Tyson and Niki and their children came up and spent the next night with us. Again, more laughter!
God richly blessed the weekend. Craig laid in bed after the weekend and sighed, "I had so much fun!" That was an answer to prayer and I was so glad for my husband! I am so grateful to be married to the most loving, kind, godly, wise, forgiving, funny, faithful man I know.

Karis and Madie shared one King sized bed! They loved it and talked late into the night. What do two little three year old girls giggle about anyway?

The Cooper Cousins on the fireplace hearth

Joshua and Philip

Girls hanging out!