Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Recently we switched Joshua to a toddler sized bed. He loves his "big boy bed". I thought that it would be so hard to switch him from a crib to a bed, but he took to it right away. I am thankful for the easy transition as we will be needing the crib for his new sister soon!

Karis was very eager to help put Joshua's bed together. Here she is tightening all the screws.
Joshua helped too by "holding" the headboard for Karis!

We tip toed into the little guy's room after he was asleep to take a photo. It was so sweet to see him all stretched out with room to spare!

Turkey Puppets

Joshua occasionally puts on a puppet show with these little finger puppets that Craig's parents gave the children around Thanksgiving. Sometimes the puppets are dolls, or even my oven mits! He has figured out that you don't want your body to be seen - it is really cute. Of course, when he is acting out the puppets, you can't understand a word he says.

Puppets as seen from the audience

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Holiday Photos

Craig and Joshua snuggled up for a little Christmas Eve snooze

Playing with the newest car additions. Joshua loves playing with cars.

This is so funny to me. This is our nativity scene that we put out every Christmas. I kept finding it set up like this. I would fix it the way I thought it should be, and sure enough, within the day, this is how I would find it. I finally asked Karis if she kept changing it. She said, "Yes, because it was set up wrong! When Jesus was born, they all gathered AROUND him." In her mind, it should be as it really was, not set up like a stage - I guess. I also thought that it was funny the way that she put the animals.

We had Joshua "give" Karis a dress up outfit.

Karis playing with a new playdough set

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long Over Due

Well, two months go by in a flash, and I can't believe that I haven't updated this blog. Actually, I can. Two children, one on the way, a busy calendar, and the holidays...etc. I like the idea of the blog as an online scrapbook and a way to keep out of town family updated on the children. So, I will try to post some photos of the past two months, and be more up to date in the coming months.

Speaking of coming month; we are one month away from our expected due date of our third child. We couldn't be more excited! I am also aware of the tired season that is about to come. The sleepless nights and tiring days are still sweet though with that new little one. Craig and I were laying in bed the other night thinking about a new little girl. I wonder what she will look like? Joshua and Karis are so different from each other. Will she look like her own self or resemble one of them? It is fun to ponder.

Today Karis helped me put some clothes in the newly cleaned out dresser that they will share while Joshua pulled out clothes from our recently folded piles! She understands being helpful, and keeps telling me how she is going to help when her new sister comes - feeding her bottles, getting things for us etc. but she has made it clear that she is not interested in changing her diapers!

Here are a few photos from the holidays:

Wrapping paper sword fight!

Christmas Eve

We gave Joshua a bandit set in his stocking. He thought it was great!

This year we gave the children bikes for Christmas. Karis is now learning how to ride a two wheeler (with training wheels, of course) and Joshua loves his tricycle, but is totally unable to stear it! This spring and summer should be fun as we get outside in the warmer weather.

We enjoyed my mom and grandfather for the holiday, and then a visit a week later to see Craig's parents. (I will post those photos next time.)