Friday, June 27, 2008

Boo Boo Face

I was taking photos of Charlotte the other day and Joshua was trying to get her to smile at him. He thought it would be funny (being a little boy) to growl like a lion at her. She didn't agree with his humor. But...I was able to capture the moment on camera! Charlotte works up to a cry. She doesn't just let it out like her siblings did. She pouts and makes what we call the Boo Boo face...then she lets it out! It really is cute, as much as a baby crying can be.

Here is the progression:

Charlotte looking at Joshua

"I don't like what you're doing!"


Oh, there is my Mommy!

Cast Away

Joshua is cast free! He got it taken off on Monday, and he is a happy boy! I feel like summer just began for us as we are doing outdoors activities again! This is Joshua just before having his cast cut off.
And just after!

That night we had a celebration complete with a cast away pirate cake that turned out to look like a box more thana boat, but he didn't mind!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First of the Summer

We picked our first tomato of the season. Karis has waited for over a month for this tomato to grow and ripen...and it was yummy!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More of Pop's Visit

One of the day's that Pop was here, we went to the Museum of Appalachia. The children LOVED it. I was supprised that they did. They loved the animals on the property.

This peacock was a particular favorite. There were several peacocks on the property, and their call is so distinct. The children were mesmorized by the pattern of the feathers.

This sundial was very interesting to Karis

Joshua loved watching the chickens and baby chicks in their chicken coop

He was so tired from all the fun that he fell asleep as soon as we got home. He didn't even make it to his bed!

Before Joshua broke his leg, we had several visits from various family members. My grandfather came and spent two days with our family and that was a lot of fun! I love seeing my children play with their great grandfather - it reminds me of when I was a child and how much I loved being with him...still do of course! Being with my grandfather also reminds me of the faithfulness of God. My 90 year old grandfather has tried his whole live to live in an honorable way and his life commends him. I love my Pop, and I love seeing my children do the same.

I don't know why the photos are posting side by side, but...oh well.
Karis is still trying to make everything out of paper. This is her attempt to make a robot costume out of paper. I actually thought this one was pretty creative. She used paper plates for the shoes, paper sleeves and then she got the kitchen strainer for her hat. This girl is going to love school!

Doing Alright

I am going to try to get caught up on posting photos on our family blog. Needless to say, updating the blog has been low on the priority list! Joshua is doing well. We are thankful that he is supposed to get his cast off tomorrow (June 23rd!) He has adapted remarkably well. I have been so thankful that he has still been sleeping through the night. I have heard of children who don't while haveing a cast on due to the insatiable itching. Joshua has only one time mentioned his leg itching inside of his cast. That is probably because he has two pennies, and a toy disc in his cast that I know of. Tomorrow we will find out what else he has shoved in there!
I have heard of an online company that you can send the link to your blog and they will print and bind an annual edition of your blog... does anyone know about this? I would love to have a printed scrapbook/journal ...