Thursday, September 20, 2007

Choo Choo

Joshua is crazy about trains! He got some new trains and train tracks for his birthday, and he plays them all the time. He actually takes some train cars to bed with him.

There is an old coal train car in Knoxville that runs Christmas rides. I am looking into when we might be able to take him for a ride on it in December.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday Day Off

We're still adjusting to our new schedule with Craig having Monday's off. I am very mixed up on my days during the week. Tuesday still feels like Monday to me. I know that I will get used to it, but it will just take time.

Craig has been trying to plan fun activities with the family on what he calls "Family Day" Karis has been loving this, and asks most mornings if it is family day! This past Monday, Craig planned a morning trip to the Foothills Pkwy. There was a 1 mile hike there that we did with the children to the top of Look Rock. The view was amazing. At the top of Look Rock, there is an observation tower that looks onto the Smoky Mountains - 8 miles away.

Starting out for the path. We gave each child a bucket to collect nuts and leaves along the way. It was funny to see what went into Joshua's bucket. I started out showing him how to put things that we saw along the way. He caught on quickly and starting grabbing handfuls of leaves at a time! He and Karis ran nearly the whole way up the path. They were so happy to be outside!

Taking a photo and water break along the way

Craig and I at the top. It was so hazy - too bad the view behind us didn't come out in the photo.

Looking onto the Great Smoky Mountains

Karis and Joshua on the way down

Budding Photographer

Karis loves to take photos with our digital camera. She is getting pretty good for a 4 year old! She took this one of Joshua about a week ago. Sometimes he is hard to get to smile for the camera, but not for Karis! For her he says, "Cheese Kay-yes" It is so funny how he says her name now, with quite the southern drawl.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally a Post!

Well there are a myriad of reasons that I haven't posted to the blog in 2 months!
A few include: first trimester pregnancy! (due Mar 4th), hardwood floor installations (in other words - turn your home upside down and then try to put it back together, vacations, travels, and Craig joining the pastoral team at Cornerstone Church (more about that later).

With all of that, here are some new photos of the children, and I promise... more to come!

This morning Karis had hot chocolate in the "special cup"! This cup was mine when I was a child. I loved drinking from it on the weekend at my Dad's house. Christmas five years ago, when I was expecting Karis, my Dad gave it to me. I brought it out this morning for Karis. I told her that as she drank her hot chocolate , she would see a suprise.

She was so excited as she sipped her warm yummy treat to find the frog in the bottom of the cup!

All gone! Thanks Dad for passing the cup on for another generation to use!