Saturday, October 20, 2007


It is a girl! Karis is very excited to have a baby sister on the way!

Now, we are in the process of choosing a name, coming up with a plan to get Joshua out of the crib (which he loves!), and rearraranging Karis' room to be the "girls's room"! Karis is very excited to share her room, and we are thrilled for her to have a sister.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Playing Doctor

This week during Cousin Day, Karis and Madie played doctor. Their impression of a doctor's appointment was very cute. It involved being called from the waiting room, having their heart listened to, and then ended with the prescribed shot!

Madie loves dogs. I don't know how to say that any more emphatically. Madie LOVES dogs! During each of Karis' doctor's appointments, Madie checked Karis over, and then also checked her dog too! Maybe she will be a veterinarian one day!

HIde and Go Seek

Tonight after dinner, Craig played hide and seek with the kids while I cleaned up the dishes. It was so funny to overhear the game. Joshua has become the echo of the family. He repeats everything you say. If you hadn't just said it, you wouldn't know what in the world he was saying though! He is such a funny kid. When he gets excited, and he is trying to tell you something, he really has a hard time getting any words out!

Joshua and Daddy were on the same team. Joshua did whatever Craig did - including put his head to the wall to "count" while Karis went to hide!

Moo Moo Cow

This is the Moo Moo Cup. It is a special cup in our family. This was also a cup from my childhood. This particular cup was actually my sister's cup. I think that my cup is still at my mom's house. It is a chocolate milk version of this one. This cup is a "Sippy Straw Cup and Creamer" although we tape over the pour spout when the children drink out of it. Whenever Griffin Sanders comes to our house, one of the first things he asks for is the Moo Moo Cup!

Joshua drinking his milk out of the Moo Moo Cup.