Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Tradition

Sadly, we did Valentine's Day without Daddy this year, but we still had a fun day. This year Karis came downstairs and opened the door into the kitchen and shouted her arrival with a VERY loud, "Happy Valentine's Day!" She loves holidays and gets very excited about them. It is sweet to me that she is beginning to remember the traditions too. She asked if we were going to have heart shaped pancakes and treats in the valentines mailboxes. That meant a lot to me - that she remembered what we did the last two Valentine's Day.

Karis and her heart pancake
Joshua and his heart pancake

Our Valentine's Day mailboxes. This year they had Pez candies, M&M's and a sucker. My sister said I sounded red-neck to say sucker!!! But, that is what they call them down here - no one says lollypop! Isn't that funny?

Karis and I made mini cupcakes the day before Valentine's Day.

She took her job of putting the heart candies on the top of the cupcakes very seriously, and wanted to make sure that we had a photo of just the cupcakes so that we would remember the heart candies on top!

Daddy is home!!

We're thrilled that Daddy is home from a 4 day trip to the Sovereign Grace Pastor's College... but we are not thrilled that he has the flu! Somehow, Craig picked up the flu virus while he was traveling, and we are being EXTRA cautious with him at home. He is quarantined to Karis' room and the guest bathroom, and Karis and I are sleeping together in my bed. With two weeks and two days until the due date of our third child, we are praying that the flu virus will end in the Cooper home with Craig!

Craig had a great time at the Pastor's College - seeing friends that he hasn't seen in many years, and receiving great teaching from Mike Bullmore, Jeff Purswell, and CJ Mahaney. Who wouldn't have a great time! Craig said that one session Mike Bullmore preached a normal message, and then the next session he taught on why he did the things he did in the message. I know this week will be very helpful to Craig. I am so glad this little girl didn't decide to come early so that Craig could attend the conference.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Tuesday's are Ballet Day and a favorite for the children! Joshua loves to run around in the lobby while Karis takes her ballet class. Ann Lamachia is very kind to teach the young girls in our church beginning ballet classes at an affordable price. And she does a GREAT job! Karis is often making Ms. Ann cards telling her how much she loves her!

Warm February Day

Today was so beautiful - after a few really rainy days, we enjoyed an afternoon outside!

Superbowl in the Cooper Home

The superbowl in our house was spent in PJ's eating chili and drinking root beer. Well, we were all in our PJ's except Karis - who came dressed for the ball. She would live in her Cinderella dress up costume if we let her!

Joshua was so excited to cheer with Craig! Anytime that Craig cheered, he would shake his fist and scream Go! Go!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Little Guitarist

Joshua has always enjoyed playing his mini guitar. For a few months he hasn't even picked it up. We are back to him playing it nearly every day! And he has developed his volume over the last few months! This new baby will be able to sleep anywhere with a big brother like Joshua!