Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Karis loves her ballet class. Ann Lamachia teaches 3 ballet classes to different age groups at our church. She is very excited to have her end of the year ballet recital on May 6th. Here she is in her recital attire. Ballet has been very good for Karis. She has learned more than just how to do "tiny runs", "the flamingo posse", "toe taps", and the "cat and mouse". She has learned more about taking turns, remaining quiet in a class setting, controling her body, and participating in group activities.

Karis loves Ms. Ann. She makes ballet artwork for her weekly.

Thank you Ann for all that you teach these little ladies! They are learning more from you than you would imagine! Although the Lord gave you a house full of boys, your delicate nature is teaching my little one and the others as well. Thank you for your investment into their lives and the impression that you are leaving with them. A moment that makes me smile happened the other night as I was putting Karis to bed. She sat up and told me that she was learning a dance to a song that she recognized at church. She told me that it was for the recital and she thought it was supposed to be a suprise. She didn't even notice that if it was a suprise - she ruined it!! But what I loved about that moment was that Karis could sing the song to me and she told me that it was all about Jesus! Thank you Ann.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tough Guy Joshua

This is Joshua's tough guy move! He is really becoming a tough little boy. He still wants to wear fairy wings from his sister's dress up collection - but less frequently! Actually, he hasn't wanted to in weeks and instead he has been playing with his army men collection and climbing on anything he can. Recently he climbed on our swing set as high as he could go and tried to jump off! Good thing his second mother, Karis was there to shout at him not to - and I of course was close behind to remove him from the high place!
"Who me? What did I do?"

Here's my sweet guy! His horid haircut is finally starting to grow out!

Here is the jumping maniac!


I don't know how it started...but our two older children are very interested in finding worms. They turn over every rock in our backyard looking for them. A few days ago it rained, and when the sun came out I sent them out in their rainboots (a favorite in and of itself). I didn't expect them to find as many worms as they did. With the recent rain there were a ton of worms close to the surface of the ground! They got a bucket and started collecting them.

I know, it is gross to me too. But I am trying not to pass on my aversion to bugs! My mother would scold me if I did!

The worm's fate is as expected...either death by crushing from the not so gentle Joshua, or burried alive in the sand box by Karis - who prides herself on being gentle to them! Too bad we weren't going fishing that afternoon - we would have had plenty of bait!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Few Funnies

Karis has been saying a lot of funny things lately. Her vocabulary is amazing to me. To think that she didn't talk until 2 1/2 years old... now she doesn't stop! Here are a few of the funny things she has said recently:

"Mommy, I know you are allergic to real kitties...but are you allergic to pretend ones too?"

At the breakfast table: "Mommy, I know why they call this oatmeal! It is because it is made of oats and we eat it as a meal!" Once I tried to explain to her what meal is and how they roll out the oats she laughed and said, "Roll out oats... that is so funny Mommy"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sweet Baby

Here are a few new photos of our sweet little one. She is so sweet. Being 6 weeks old, she is beginning to smile a lot and coo a little too. Karis gets a lot of smiles from Charlotte. It has been amazing to me how great of a big sister Karis is. She is really helpful with Charlotte.

It is hard to catch her smiles on camera because they come and go so quickly and eratically, but here is a blurry shot of the end of one of her smiles. It melts my heart!

This was too funny for me to not post. Charlotte sneezed right as I took a photo!

I took this photo on Monday - and I want to take it again when the light is better. But I still thought it was sweet.

We are thankful for the mercy of God on our lives. There has been so much grace with the addition of our third child. I am continually amazed and humbled as I contemplate the steadfast love of God to an undeserving mom like me!