Thursday, July 17, 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th!

This July 4th we kept Madie and Philip for the evening while Stuart and Jenny had a little get-away. The kids had a blast (no firework pun intended!). We went to the Ridner's to swim and watch their neighbors shoot off firecrackers. Here is the patriotic bunch!
The cousins loved their sleepover, and they did really well given how young they are. Karis and Madie talked late into the night - but finally drifted off to sleep. Actually, when Karis got up to go to the bathroom at 10:30 pm, Madie fell asleep. Then, having no one to talk to, Karis quickly fell asleep. We stood outside their door and listened to them talking. It was so sweet to hear them. They were looking at books and listening to Karis' CD. I hope there will be many more times in the future where they will sleep over together as they grow up together!
The boys we didn't trust to fall asleep together! My husband wisely decided to lay them down separately. We moved them into the same room after they were alseep. Smart decision!
I wish I had taken their photos sleeping together, but I was too tired to go downstairs and get the camera once I had gotten upstairs to go to time I guess!

La La Plewza

In typical Plewniak style, Elizabeth threw a very creative 30th Bithday Party for Mike! HE was totally suprised to find a whole slew of people partying in his backyard - set up to be like La La Palooza - only this party was La La Plew-Za! Tents for camping out (which we did not stay to do!), live music, standup comedy by Elizabeth, a movie, fireworks - all completed this outdoor fun! Happy 30th Mike!

Mike coming in to the suprise

Craig and Joshua

Us with the little bit

The party wouldn't have been complete with Mr. Crazy Man - Jonathan

And his little girl London

Karis loves babies - especially ones that she can help.

Here Karis is walking with Pearl Clayman

Double Trouble!


Live Entertainment by Kevin, Marco and Josh - the balancing mandolin player! It is always so fun to see people you know and love singing silly songs!

Plew - we love you and hope you have a great 30th!

Baby Bungie

This is our third child to LOVE the Baby Bungie Bouncer! My mom always laughs at the children as it looks like they are marionette puppets. Charlotte loves being able to be upright and watching the other two children mad at play! I am saving the exer-saucer for when Karis starts school.